Delinquent Account Recovery

Timely and consistent communications are CRUCIAL to collecting on your delinquent accounts.  However, with staffing and budget cuts you don’t have the right resources to deliver these communications. Sound familiar?

If so, our Recovery Select Solution is the right fit for your school. We know that contacting the delinquent account holder early in the process and remaining consistent with communications are key to recovering delinquent receivables.

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Our time-tested solution will help to optimize your revenue, minimize your costs, and help your students meet their financial obligations.

We offer a variety of school-approved convenient payment options to help students settle their accounts and protect their credit rating. We leverage a comprehensive suite of delinquent account recovery tools to maximize results for your school, such as live agent calls, skip tracing, and credit bureau reporting.

Our Recovery Select specialists are effective, efficient, and caring. We’ll diligently pursue delinquent accounts and, if a collection agency becomes necessary, we provide the only automated and managed agency placement solution in the industry.