As the largest 1098-T Tax Form Processor in the country, 1Card’s Tax Document Solutions are designed to work in accordance with the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (TRA-97), which requires all eligible educational institutions to send their students a 1098-T Tax Form to report amounts billed (or paid) for qualified tuition, related expenses, scholarships, grants, etc., by January 31st each year.

When done in-house, 1098-T season can take a big toll on an institution’s time, resources, and budget. Many schools who had tried to comply with TRA-97 regulations have found themselves bogged down in manual processes (such as printing and folding forms, stuffing envelopes, etc.), hiring extra staff, and being overwhelmed with endless inbound student calls and requests for reprints.

And for those schools that have already outsourced their 1098-Ts, many are concerned about the financial liabilities related to IRS Penalty Notice 972CG for missing or incorrect Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs) and that they might be paying too much for the services that they’re actually receiving.

As a Heartland ECSI TaxSelect client, we’ll make 1098-T season simple for you and your staff by providing a stress-free, turn-key, implementation process that includes the following:

  ●   A dedicated TaxSelect Conversion Coordinator to walk you through the entire process.

  ●   Experienced programming support for data file testing.

  ●   Quality assurance reviews for data form accuracy and exception reporting.

  ●   Print center services to ensure that all of your 1098-T tax forms are mailed prior to the January 31st deadline.

  ●   Electronic upload and storage of all 1098-T tax form images to our user-friendly student and client websites for instant, 24x7x365, on-line access.

  ●   User-friendly 1098-T correction tools for easy on-line editing.

  ●   Electronic data file submission to the IRS by the March 31st deadline.

  ●   Tier 1 Call Center Support for both your staff and your students.